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Fees and Charges

As a mutual Federal Savings Bank, First Federal has established a well earned reputation for providing excellent service as well as great value to our banking clients.  In keeping with this tradition, our Bank continually strives to maintain low costs for our customers.

Check Printing--------(fee depends on style of checks ordered)
Overdraft-each overdraft paid------------------------------------$20.00
                                                                       (maximum $60.00 per day)
Nonsufficient funds (NSF) – each-------------------------------$20.00
                                                                       (maximum $60.00 per day)
Stop payments – each----------------------------------------------$20.00
Monthly Service Charges------------------------------------------$10.00
                                                      (Now Accounts Only-when account
                                                                     falls below $500 minimum)

Internet Home Banking Service--------------------------------FREE
Money Orders---------------------------------------------------------$2.00
Account Research------------------------------------$12.00 per hour
Account Reconciliation Fee-----------------------$12.00 per hour
Statement Copy Fee-----------------------------------$5.00 per copy
Coin Counting Fee--------------------------1% of amount counted
Reissue Debit/ATM card-----------------------------$10.00 per card
Notary Service (Customers Only)------------------------------FREE